4 de jul de 2017

FOREVER STILL: to play the mainstage of Bloodstock; nominated for Metal Hammer Award; working on second album

After their extensive tour with CHILDREN OF BODOM, the young rockers from FOREVER STILLcaught their breath and dedicated their time to the writing of several new songs. Just like they already did for their debut, singer Maja Shining and multi-instrumentalist Mikkel Haastrup once again work closely together for the songwriting process to create the successor of "Tied Down", which was recently nominated for 'best debut' at the German Metal Hammer Awards - the ceremony will take place on September 15th in Berlin! Their second full-length release will drop in early 2018 and promises to stir up the heavy rock scene once more.

But before entering the studio, FOREVER STILL conquer the festival stages again and today, they are happy to announce that they will play the mainstage on UK's biggest metal festival,Bloodstock Open Air!

The band comments: "We’re looking so much forward to playing the festival! We’ve all been hoping to play Bloodstock one day and we’re beyond excited to open the main stage this year; and what better occasion to premier a track from our upcoming album?"

You can also see the Danes on one the following open air shows:
04.08. Sweden - Rejmyre - Skogsröjet
06.08. UK - Bedfordshire - Fort Fest
11.08. UK - Catton Hall - Bloodstock Open Air
17.08. Sweden - Falun - Sabaton Open Air

Order the "Tied Down" as digipak with three additional tracks and one bonus DVD here in our shop:

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More on "Tied Down" - watch the latest music videos here:
'Save Me' (video clip): https://youtu.be/XdptA3pwmAQ
'Miss Madness' (video clip): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qtheIeofZo
'Miss Madness (acoustic)' (live clip): https://youtu.be/k6nklOKn1uw
'Break The Glass' (music video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKJir0rJwyk

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