26 de out. de 2013

Switchblade - Heavy Weapons (CD)

Killer Metal Records

By Marcos Garcia

When we're speaking about traditional Heavy Metal, is good for all to know that the style can have three ways: the ones who make music as in the 70’s, like BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE; the ones who do something in the vein of NWOBHM, following IRON MAIDEN, SAXON and SATAN and another names’ steps; and the more Modern tendency, like METAL CHURCH, NEVERMORE and JUDAS PRIEST ways, with some aggressive approach, even getting near of Thrash Metal.

So, knowing this, we now can speak about the Israeli quartet SWITCHBLADE, that with their first album, “Heavy Weapons”, make a way with much of the second group above, but besides they do nothing new, they deserve applauses from us all.

Their music is in the same vein from IRON MAIDEN (but not using a high speed) and DIAMOND HEAD, but with a strong touch of German Metal school (especially ACCEPT and HELLOWEEN). In other words, it’s melodic, heavy and catching, with some good melodies of easy acceptance, with good choruses, strong and very good vocals (for Lior doesn’t use high tunes always), excellent guitar riffs and solos (balancing in equal parts technique, melody and aggressiveness), and the rhythmic kitchen is very good as well. So, their music is a pleasure for our ears, sounding alive and full of energy.   

Recorded in Flam Studios, in Haifa, with Fererico “FedeRock” Taich taking the duties of production, recording, mixing and mastering, making their songs sound alive and furious, but melodic and clean, without that “out-of-date” feeling. The artwork is simple, but efficient, showing that their music is for all, not only for musicians (we mean that bands that have the habit of doing something full of technique, but in the end, it's too boring for common listeners).

Highlights: the all-traditional “Heavy Weapons” (full of energy, with very good work of vocals and guitars, and an excellent chorus), the more mid tempo and heavy “Metalista” (with very good work of drums and bass), the charming “Infernal Paradise” (with guitar riffs in a more Modern Heavy Metal way, without losing the strong melodies), and the pounding and headbanging “Curse of the Father, Sins of the Son”. But all songs are very fine, so it’s a CD you can count on always.

Honest, well worked and heavy, and with personality. And bands like this is what Metal needs.

Oh, yes: the guitarrist Venedict Pavlovic joined the band after the recordings, so Fede recorded all guitars. Be welcome aboard, Venedict!


01. Heavy Weapons
02. Euphoria
03. Metalista
04. Lost Lovers Unite
05. The Lost Kingdom
06. Infernal Paradise
07. Curse of the Father, Sins of the Son
08. Into the Unknown
09. Endless War


Lior "Steinmetal" Stein - Vocals
Fede "FedeRock" Taich - Guitars
Venedict Pavlovic - Guitars
Boris Siper - Bass
Moshe "Moshpit" Sabah - Drums