31 de jul de 2017

MORDENIAL: No Clean Singing exclusively streaming full length of Swedish Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band

Swedish melodic death/thrash squad MORDENIAL is all set to release their sophomore full length "The Plague" on 31st July via Black Lion Records. The best way to describe the music is when crunchy groovy elements bump into some exquisite melody driven death metal music.

NO CLEAN SINGING is exclusively streaming the album, earlier before the actual release date.

Exclusive Stream + Review Link:

"The music is also immensely powerful in its sound, and immensely punishing in its impact, and those grim melodies prove to be as infectious as the contagions that have inspired the album."

Testimony from the Band:

"In 2014, we started to work with our second album "The Plague". We had some lyrics as well as fragments for the title track. The writing went slow for a while but at the beginning of 2015, we managed to put 10 songs together that we all were satisfied with.

The songs were recorded late 2015 after a lot of technical problems during the recording. We contacted Roberto Toderico who did the artwork for "Where the angels fall" and he did an awesome artwork that fits well with the concept of the album.

"The Plague" is basically 10 different songs that all deal with the concept "Plague", all from a futuristic perspective to a more ancient perspective. The lyrical aspects are also about how people justify terrible act by pretending to be chosen by god or gods.

The album is a mixture of different types of metal. We are not bound to boundaries when we create songs for MORDENIAL. Our definition of the "The Plague" is a heavy album with a lot of variation. We are very satisfied with the outcome of the songs and hopefully you will like it to."

The Plague
(Full Length)

Genre: Melodic Death/Thrash
Location: Västervik, Sweden
Release Date: July 31 31, 2017
Label: Black Lion Records
Format: CD & Digital

Track - List:
1.The Plauge
2.Daylight Is Gone
3.Burning Soil
5.No Empathy
6.Save You All
7.All Has Vanished
8.Follow The Cross
10.The End


Fiebig - Vocals, Drums 
Kjetil Lynghaug - Lead Guitar 
Martin - Guitar, Bass

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