27 de jun de 2017

HEADHUNTER D.C.: founder and guitarist Paulo Lisboa leaves the band

Photo: Sacrilegous Darkness Arts

On 06/27/2017, the founding member and guitarist from Brazilian Death Metal act HEADHUNTER D.C. left the band due personal issues.

Below, Paulo's statement:

"I came across this statement to inform all of you that I’m leaving the band HEADHUNTER D.C., founded by me in May 1987. It was really very hard for me to take such a decision, but there comes a time when it is no longer possible to manage so many things in our lives. I live far from the capital where the band lives in, work as a teacher, municipal and state, in full time, and I've been unable, since a long time now, to conciliate my work with all the band’s activities. 

I will always be present alongside the great HEADHUNTER D.C. in its immaculate and arduous trajectory as I’ve always done over these 30 years of career, a band that NEVER, EVER gave up to the fashions and further trends that have unfortunately infested the Heavy Metal scene along the years. Headhunter D.C., in these 30 years of solid career, has always fought for the true and pure Death Metal and will continue to fight until the end. 

I hope, just like you, HEADHUNTER D.C. fans, that the band live another 30 years to keep on spreading Death Metal in its purest form through the four corners of "earth and hell" truthfully and honestly, as it has always done.

Anyway, thank you very much to all who have been following Headhunter Death Cult throughout these three uninterrupted decades of existence. Keep on supporting the true Death Metal Underground!

Death Metal Rules Forever... HEADHUNTER D.C. Rules Forever... 666... !!!

Paulo Lisboa".