1 de nov de 2016

Wardruna’s « Runaljod – Ragnarok » debuts No.1 on Billboard World Music Charts in the US and Canada, and new dates on "Ragnarok Tour" 2016-2017

We are very proud to announce that "Runaljod – Ragnarok", WARDRUNA’s third and final entry in the "Runaljod" series, has made some significant impact on major charts worldwide: 

US: #1 on Billboard World Music Chart
Canada: #1 World Music Album Charts
US: #5 Heat Seekers Album Charts
GERMANY: #68 Official German Album Charts
UK: #153 Official Album Charts
UK: #18 Independent Music Charts
NORWAY: #52 Norwegian Official Charts

You can purchase WARDRUNA "Runaljod – Ragnarok", out now on By Norse Music here:

Or directly from the band:

And two dates have been added to the WARDUNE "Ragnarok Tour", starting Nov. 12th in Germany! Make sure to get your tickets on time, as the whole tour is almost completely sold out: 
4 Feb. 2017 MOSCOW, Yotaspace (RU) - Tickets can be purchased HERE
5 Feb. 2017 ST-PETERSBURG, Kosmonavt Club (RU) - Tickets can be purchased HERE

Source: By Norse