20 de mar de 2017

JACKDEVIL: banda announces European Tour

Once upon a time...

There were four little ugly froggies who lived in the swamps of the land of Far Far Away and dreamed of playing in the biggest event ever: the Great Old Continent Prom, hosted by the king. After five years battling against ferocious dragons, savage boars and even against the Big Bad Wolf, the hellish little froggies encountered an evil warlock who ran an European booking agency called On Fire Agency, who gave them a magical powder with the power to make any dream come true.

The four ugly froggies snorted the mystical powder and were magically transformed into handsome princes and were granted an enchanted journey to Europe to play in the Great Old Continent Prom and many other parties hosted by powerful fairies, totaling 15 fantastical festivals.

It is worth mentioning that the big toad Fernando "Hellboy" Moreira now wields the fey drumsticks for the fabulous quartet of froggies called Jackdevil and will be the backbone of the band during this Magical Mystery Tour through five different countries in Europe.

We’d like to thank the businessmen from Acústica Studio, Onery Luthieria, Giro Musical, Cronos Entertainment, Phillip Rocha Tattoo, Galeria 44 e Rogério Sousa Fotografia who enabled this beautiful fairy tale to come true. Special thanks goes to the renowned shire of Urubuz Records, who always supported us in our dream.

Our Metal will never die, from Maranhão to the world!

Source: JackDevil