9 de jan. de 2014

Nervosa: cover artwork of 'Victim of Yourself' revealed

A short time ago, it has been announced by the Brazilian thrash metal trio NERVOSA, the artists in charge of the art for the cover and booklet of their new album, entitled 'Victim of Yourself'. Rafael Romanelli is the artist and designer for the booklet, while Andrei Bouzikov, already a traditional illustrator in the worldwide metal scene, signs for the cover of the girl's debut album.
The band now reveals the cover artwork of their new record!

Check the art for the cover of 'Victim of Yourself'.

The concept of the cover follows the concept of the album title, revealed some weeks ago, that, in summary, is about every action having a reaction and that every person is responsible for their own attitudes, and, therefore, for the consequences that they carry.

The album's release dates will soon be announced, as well as the other news related to the record.

To know more jobs of Andrei Bouzikov, access:

For further info about Nervosa, please check:

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