25 de jul de 2017

MARENNA: band releases official video for "No Regrets"

MARENNA released last July 19th a new video to promote his album, this time, the song "No Regrets" that gives the name of the album, and can be seen on the official youtube channel. The video clip was edited by Thiago Wilbert (Bunker 85), with images captured in the last three years in several live moments of the band. The idea was to capture and highlight all the energy of the songs and the shows to the screen, a collection of the history of these 03 years of the project. The album was produced by Jonas Godoy and Arthur Appel at the Estudio Linha Sonora in Caxias do Sul.

In this video, Rodrigo Marenna has: Arthur Appel (bass/backing vocals), Aaron Alves (guitar/backing vocals), Jonas Godoy (guitar), Gionathan Sandi (drums) and Mauricio Pezzi (keyboards) as special guest.

"No Regrets":

Released in Brazil in November of 2016 by Alta Voltagem Rec, the album was considered by several specialized vehicles as one of the best national releases of the year. For the European version of the album, it won more than 10 tracks, plus 2 Bonus Tracks, and was released in March 2017 by the Danish label Lions Pride Music in Europe, Japan and USA.”No Regrets" was recorded between August 2015 and June 2016. The sound material is rooted in the classic AOR of the eighties, with a touch of Melodic Rock, merging the best features and current sound with many melodies of voices and guitars, addressing messages of optimism and perseverance. A good choice for style lovers, it uses and abuses easy-to-perceive melodies with an elaborate instrumental and production suited to the this kind of project.

The production of the album is divided between Jonas Godoy and Arthur Appel, arrangements, recording, mix and master were done by Jonas Godoy at Estudio Linha Sonora in Caxias do Sul - RS, the line-up was Gionathan Sandi (Drums), Arthur Appel (Bass and B. Vocals), Jonas Godoy (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Vocals) and special guests of Sasha Z., Andria and Ivan Busic (Fall In Love Again), Aaron Alves, Bruno Mello, Mauro Caldart, Fernando Mig and Rafael Netto. Guilherme Mello

Watch the video for "No Regrets"


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