9 de mai de 2017

ENSLAVED: "Roadburn Live" New Song Premiere / Unpacking Video / By Norse at Roadburn Festival 2017

"Roadburn Live" New Song Premiere 

Listen to "Isa", the second song revealed from ENSLAVED upcoming album "Roadburn Live" exclusively on:

"Roadburn Live" Black 2LP/CD/Digital: 2 weeks to go!

Watch the unpacking video of the Black 2LP HERE

On May 19th, Enslaved «Roadburn Live» - a split release between By Norse Music and Burning World Records - will be available on Black 2LP, CD Digipack and Digital! You can now pre-order the album HERE.

Or directly from the band:

NA: iTunes

By Norse at Roadburn Festival 2017

Roadburn Festival 2017: what a stunning edition! Enslaved "Roadburn Live" and BardSpec "Hydrogen" exclusive listening sessions were a success and the panel driven by Simon Füllemann, By Norse Co-Founder on "Is Live Music Really Thriving?" lead to very interesting discussions and Q/A! A very warm thank you to Walter Hoeijmakers and Becky Laverty as well as all the ones involved at Roadburn Festival, and all the great people we met over the week-end! 

Raising funds for kids in need - you can help too!Simon Füllemann will be riding with the Heavy Metal Truants to collect money for kids in need this year again! Join and support Simon on his trip here!

Source: By Norse