25 de out de 2016

WARDRUNA: third album "Runaljod - Ragnarok" is out now on By Norse Music!

On October 21st, WARDRUNA released their third and much anticipated album "Runaljod - Ragnarok" on By Norse Music, which encountered great enthusiasm in Europe and Northern America so far! 

Order "Runaljod - Ragnarok" here:

Or directly from the band:

“Wardruna...[employs] traditional Norwegian music, ambient post-rock dramatics and metal's big bang drama to come to a unique and wholly rare approach.” - CLRVYNT

“This album not only breeds enthusiasm for the upcoming live shows, but also raises curiosity for where the project is going next.” - Ghost Cult Magazine 

"An absolute outstanding piece of music with a thrilling atmosphere and first and foremost with a lot of soul and lifeblood. Superb!“ - XXL-Rock.de

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Source: By Norse