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POP JAVALI to perform at festivals in Germany and Holland in October

The band's european tour will also include shows in Italy, England and Switzerland

"One of the best Hard/Heavy albuns of the last year." (Roadie Crew); "Pop Javali came to mark its name in the history of brazilian rock."(Dossiê do Rock); "The quality of the band is practically in everything." (Arte Metal); "Super Recommended!" (HeavynRoll). Statements like these are reverberating beyond Brazil's borders. If it was not enough the great reception that the brazilian power trio has received in Brazil, both critics and public, the group is now also conquering a good reputation in the European market.

Proof of this good acceptance in foreign lands is the tour that POP JAVALI held in October for five European countries. Marcelo Frizzo (bass/vocal), Jaéder Menossi (guitar) and Loks Rasmussen (drums) will embark to the old world for a trip of 15 days and 10 shows. These are the tour dates:

08/10 @ Blue Rose Saloon - Milan/Italy
09/10 @ Downi - Worblaufen/Switzerland
10/10 @ Cart And Horses - London/England
11/10 @ TBC - London/England
14/10 @ Marias Ballroom - Hamburg/Germany (Acoustic Show)
15/10 @ Club am Donnerstag | Happy Billard - Hamburg/Germany
16/10 @ Sneker Metal Meeting - Sneek/The Netherlands
17/10 @ Razorblade Festival - Oer-Erkenschwick/Germany 
18/10 @ Rockcafé Crossroads - Drachten/The Netherlands
19/10 @ Waterhole - Amsterdam/The Netherlands 

The band is very excited to play all the shows, but of course that playing in a european festival is something special. Even more if we consider the characteristics of both the Razorblade Festival in Germany and the Sneker Metal Meeting in The Netherlands.

According to Bart Schaaphok and Lennart Wardekker, organizers of Sneker Metal Meeting, Pop Javali's show at the festival is quite awaited. 

"POP JAVALI, a brazilian band who will venture to Europe for the first time. So when POP JAVALI was offered to us to play on the first edition of Sneker Metal Meeting, we didn’t doubt. Their music is similar to magic, it touches you and holds you close. Heavy and yet melodic and besides that it's a sound that is appreciated by many people. The perfect band for Sneker Metal Meeting on the 16th of October". 

Jaéder Menossi, POP JAVALI's guitar player, also highlights the participation at Razorblade Festival in Germany. 

"For us it means a very important conquer, an achievement of a goal we outlined since the beginning of our history. I can hardly believe that we are going to play at Cart And Horses in London, same pub where Iron Maiden was formed back in 1976, and at the Razorblade Festival in Germany, same festival where already have played big names in metal and our Brazilian mates of Uganga and Hellish War. It will certainly be a terrific experience that will add a lot to our career". 

In Brazil, POP JAVALI became popular after playing big shows with legendary bands such as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and others. Its new album, "The Game Of Fate" was produced by Andria and Ivan Busic, the brothers of the band Dr. Sin, and has conquering press and public all around the country. On Roadie Crew, the most important brazilian rock magazine, "The Game Of Fate" was elected among the "Best Of The Year" in three categories: "Best Album", "Best Bassist" and "Best Drummer".

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